Braze Docs Rebirth

My primary philosophies when creating technical content are

Research, research, research.

Write for the right person, from the right person.

You’ll iterate and you’ll like it.

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of my Braze Magnum Opus - the revision, re-architecture, and rebirth of the Braze Documentation Site. I have more descriptions of projects on the way, but don’t be afraid to reach out and ask about the others!

This is the final result of the new

This is the final result of the new

Project Mallard - Rebirth

Braze Docs wasn’t always Braze Docs - it used to be Braze Academy and Braze Documentation. Braze Documentation was mainly for Developers, but had some Marketer documentation and Partner integration information sprinkled in, as well as some Help & Troubleshooting articles. Academy was about the Braze product, but there was no clue that it was a User Guide. I was brought into Braze to refocus the site and make it usable and useful. It’s safe to say I accomplished that - and only within 7 months of being at Braze!

Early concept of the new Braze Docs site.

Early concept of the new Braze Docs site.

The Idea

The site was refocused to reach 4 primary audiences who fell into either usage rate category (First Time Users and Occasional Returning Users).

  1. Braze Product users,

  2. Developers integrating our product with theirs,

  3. Product users and Developers interested in using an integration with one of our partners,

  4. Users having trouble using our product.

To fit the needs of each of these readers, I realized that I would need multiple sections besides “Academy” and “Documentation.” You can see the initial low-fidelity concept above.

After testing and researching for months, I knew that names had to change to meet industry standards, sections had to be extremely focused and modernized, and the information in Docs had to be flipped on it’s head and compliment the identity of the Braze org.

I also decided that we needed new ways to communicate content on Braze Docs - see the result of that on our Styling Page!

You can see the final product here.

Another early concept for the Braze Docs site.

Another early concept for the Braze Docs site.

Docs & Product Management

I was lucky enough to have a team work with me on building the new site from top to bottom - a dedicated engineer and a UX designer who consulted on everything from the Visual Formatting Guide to the size and color of the typeface.

I have a fairly casual management style - I strongly believe that the right people for the job will create the best product when they follow processes, but are able to work without being over-managed. It worked beautifully with this team.

I used Asana to manage the project and those working on the project - those involved had checkpoints and deadlines to meet, and I orchestrated frequent meetings and stand-ups to ensure each knew what the other was doing, that no one was overwhelmed, and that I could adjust priorities accordingly.

Since we launched in October, our site usage has gone up, nulled search results have gone down, and we’ve gotten rave reviews from internal and external site users.