Instructional Design Project List

My primary philosophy when creating content, completing projects, and designing instructional materials is

relevant, actionable, reachable content only.

In each of the projects you will read about below, I have kept close to this philosophy that a user does not need to spend hours reading to understand content if it is relevant to their needs, is something that they can immediate use to take action, and reachable in that complex language is avoided or explained.

Please note that all sample projects from Management Science Associates (MSA), Inc. are listed here, in a separate document. 


SocialCode - Account Management Team Onboarding Program

My original goal was to update the Client Team Onboarding Program to make its process smoother, more sensible, and more accessible to new hires, SMEs, and stakeholders. Upon the performance of an in-depth risk analysis to determine 1. trainer competence, 2. course necessity, and 3. possibility for migration to online module, it was decided the the program should be re-created from scratch. This happened to align perfectly with large-scale organizational changes that were necessary for the health of the company.

Onboarding content is now based on a central hub of documentation (a playbook) provided and maintained by SMEs on the Client Team with assistance from the Product Development Teams. From there, multiple, basic modules were created to give new employees a basic understanding of the industry. The program was reduced from 70+ hours of repetitive, ineffective trainings, to 39 hours of carefully curated teachable moments and purpose of the company. The modules are mostly text with supporting anecdotes, videos, and diagrams based on application/tasks, context, and theory.


SocialCode - Engineering/Product Team Onboarding Program

Create a comprehensive, self-paced, and brief onboarding program for Engineering Team new hires that will allow them to dig far into content to learn more about any specific topic, but be able to glean information about all topics.

This project is ongoing and still under construction. Several courses have been constructed using a simple information map model, with the top-level of the course as an online module (built in Articulate Rise) video series with paired textual information. From there, extra links are provided to internal Confluence, Wiki, and Jira pages which provide further information on the referred topic. Additional links are provided to heavily vetted external resources, as needed. Sometimes, a course will have a quiz or assessment.


SocialCode - Organization-Wide Orientation

Create an Orientation program for all new hires to replace the costly and infrequent “Learn the Code” learning intensive series.

Established Orientation in each of SocialCode’s offices. Orientation runs every other week on a tight schedule which allows stakeholders (Technology/Support, Human Resources, and Office Management) and session leaders (typically office leadership) consistency. The frequency and on-demand nature of the program allows new hires a chance to settle into their new role and gives them a more inviting and less intimidating environment to get used to their duties. Feedback heard most consistently is that Orientation is “thorough”, “thoughtful”, and “unlike any onboarding/orientation experience at any other company.”