Instructional Designer / Technical Writer

SocialCode, LLC
New York, NY

Sept 2016 - Current

My time at SocialCode has been spent primarily running the New Employee Onboarding Program, a rewarding experience that allows me to use my product management interests, instructional design skills, technical writing experience, and love of teaching to integrate new employees into the company.

  • Created and manages a brand new Account Management Team Onboarding Program (incl. Orientation, session scheduling, courses on LMS, periodic analyses and updates to all sessions, modules, and other course materials). Also manages minor design and support content, like internal marketing posters and exposes.
  • Created and manages new Engineering Team Onboarding Program (80% online - translating Engineering Team policies, build philosophies, applications used and built, best practices, and other procedures and shared knowledge into digestible material for new hires).
  • Manages 5 onboarding programs for all SocialCode new employees.
  • Builds and updates modules and learning materials for SocialCode Products.
  • Manage and train Trainers who lead courses in the onboarding programs.
  • Use Exceed LMS to arrange courses and curriculum structures, track learner progress and otherwise manage learning content.
  • Works with SMEs to collect and organize course content.
  • Uses Agile and Lean product development processes to develop courses, materials, and curriculum.
  • Working one-on-one with new employees and their teams to ensure they have a fulfilling and educational Onboarding process.

Primary Projects at SocialCode linked here.

Technical Writer / Instructional Designer

Management Science Associates, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA

June 2015 - Sept 2016

I had a multi-faceted, many-hatted role at Management Science Associates, where I enjoyed refining my technical writing skills and breaking into instructional design by writing instructional content for MSA's internal application users and external client users.

  • Constructed a suite of instructional and tutorial programs using Adobe Captivate for MSA’s data software programs, including one for a mobile application.
  • Designed and created technical and user-friendly documentation, scripts, and training materials for MSA’s data software programs, including mobile-based.
  • Prepared and moved the division towards its goal of standardization from a previous policy of customization.
  • Consulted the development team on the mobile application’s Help Site re-design.
  • Completed multiple projects, simultaneously (full project list available).

Primary Projects: Measures Database and Education Suite; Mobile App’s Video Tutorials, Help Site, and content; Data Software Standard Training Package.

Professional Writing Intern

Carnegie-Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Oct 2014 - May 2015

I had several job while I was getting my Master's degree at Carnegie-Mellon University: a Teaching Assistant for a film course and a Professional Writing Intern for the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department. I assisted my manager, Ashley Williams Patton, in her efforts to create a database of the department's alumni who could help current students progress and find jobs in matching fields.

  • Worked in Alumni Relations in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department to create profiles of various alumni in order to create a convenient advisory reference and public relations library.
  • Began the alumni reference library; organized systematic interview routines and profile templates.
  • Introduced alumni to proper CMU representatives to encourage donations, involvement, and engagement.

Primary Projects: Alumni Database/Library; persuading Alumni involvement and contribution.