These are found primarily on for a variety of audiences. Click the links below to see the live Docs!

- Onboarding Integration Guide
Actually, I write the entire Onboarding section completely new for the new Braze Docs site!

- Creating an In-App Message
This section was the first of many to get revised as a whole, as opposed to just “adding in a new section for the new feature”, as previous site managers had done.

- Braze Currents
Another brand new section - I worked with the Product Manager of Braze Currents, as well as consulted with users and Data Scientists to make sure everything was just right!

- Create a Canvas
Canvas, Braze’s prized product, is still finding itself in many ways, and has new features and adjustments often - recently, they transitioned the product from a block-style set up to a wizard-style. This required a small revision for this section, but I used it as an opportunity to condense information for faster comprehension.

Management Science Associates, Inc.

Mostly done in print, this documentation aimed to serve a less tech-savvy audience, most who were slow to adopt technology but needed to use it in their daily job. Click on any of the following titles below to view the samples.

- Mobile Application FAQs

- Mobile Application Quick Start Guide Library

- Desktop Data Application Express Training Manual