How I Write

I like to be an advocate for my learners/readers/users - whatever term you use for them, know that you always have to write as through they are all three - because they are! You have to write the content they need in a form they learn from, and then put it in a place they can use it. On top of that, you always have to consider that they either need or want to learn more, but don’t know where to go next. A great example of this in my writing is not only the whole of Braze Docs, but specifically the New Braze User Onboarding guide.

I wrote the entire Onboarding section completely new for the new Braze Docs site! This was a fun project that allowed me to use my research and project management skills to their fullest, as well as use multiple design and feature elements for Docs that I had commissioned upon its redesign in October 2018.

Click on the pulsating purple buttons to learn more about the best parts of the onboarding pages and why I wrote and structured things they way they are.

More from Braze Docs

Truth be told, I’ve had my hand in most of Braze’s external documentation - I do manage the site, after all. Feel free to use the whole thing as an example of my work (though I haven’t gotten to all of the technical debt in in the site just yet - I’m working on it!). These samples are of some of the more recent project I’ve worked on in larger scales. Click the titles below to see the live Docs!

The Report Metrics Glossary
Glossaries were a feature we were truly missing in Docs. Imagine a world of only unsearchable lists and tables! Now imagine that list is miles long! When I found that even I couldn’t keep track of all the terms in our (multiple) glossaries, I knew that we needed a central location for everything. I commissioned an engineer to help bring my vision to life - and here is the result!

User-Friendly Release Notes
So it must be apparent by now that most of the recurring users on Docs aren’t developers - they visit to set up the integration, then visit occasionally when they need to update the SDK or adjust API requests. How do they know when that’s necessary? These user-friendly release notes that Braze’s UI users read, then use to alert their developers that work needs to be done!

Creating an In-App Message
This section was the first of many to get revised as a whole, as opposed to just “adding in a new page for the new feature”, as previous site managers had done.

Braze Currents
Another brand new section - I worked with the Product Manager of Braze Currents, as well as consulted with users and Data Scientists to make sure everything was just right!

Create a Canvas
Canvas, Braze’s prized product, is still finding itself in many ways, and has new features and adjustments often - recently, they transitioned the product from a block-style set up to a wizard-style. This required a small revision for this section, but I used it as an opportunity to condense information for faster comprehension.

Management Science Associates, Inc.

Mostly done in print, this documentation aimed to serve a less-than-tech-savvy audience - most who were slow to adopt technology but needed to use it in their daily job. Click on any of the following titles below to view the samples.

- Mobile Application FAQs

- Mobile Application Quick Start Guide Library

- Desktop Data Application Express Training Manual